Service of Consultant and Information(SAITRAN)


Advice and information services for Nikkeis

July 1991 saw the launch of SAITRAN (Servicio de Asesoría e Información para Trabajadores Nikkeis), an employment advisory service set up in response to the burgeoning growth of Nikkei workers in Japan. The service provides advice and information on a range of topics encompassing living in Japan, finding employment, visa requirements, education (including schooling and language study), insurance and pension systems, taxation, and health services. The information is sourced from Nikkei communities in Japan as well as employers of Nikkei workers and community support groups.

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Monday to Friday (Except Saturday,Sunday and Holiday )
14:00 - 17:30
・Languages Portuguese,Spanish and Japanese
・Contact TEL: 045 - 211-1788(Direct)
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Advising visit  JICA YOKOHAMA 2F,2-3-1,Shinko,Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi,Kanagawa 231-0001 JAPAN  MAP


The bi-monthly Nikkeijin News presents domestic and international news articles and information on Nikkei people and events, as well as opinion pieces from overseas scholars, reports on the latest legislative and regulatory developments and a Q&A section for specific inquiries. The newsletter is regularly distributed to international exchange departments of prefectural governments throughout Japan as well as international exchange associations, citizens' groups, Nikkei employers, overseas Nikkei advocacy groups and supporting members of the Association. There are also some individual subscribers to the newsletter.

Japanese Conversation Skills for the Workplace

Japanese Conversation Skills for the Workplace is a collection of selected conversations in Japanese designed to be of assistance to Nikkei workers attempting to converse with their colleagues and superiors in the workplace environment. Available in both Spanish and Portuguese versions, the 220-page book provides 100 basic conversations relevant to the workplace, together with clear and simple explanations of content and meaning. The book itself is free, but postage is payable on a COD basis. Ring for a copy or click here.

Seminar on Support Services for Nikkei in Japan

The Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad runs an annual seminar on support services for Nikkei in Japan. The seminar is designed for those who provide regional support services for Nikkei in Japan, as well as anyone with an interest in the concept of multiculturalism in society.For more infomation click here