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Supporters Accepting Fourth-generation Japanese

Program for further acceptance of fourth-generation Japanese had started from July 2018.

This Program aims to provide fourth-generation Japanese with opportunities to deepen understanding of and interest in Japan through engaging in activities to learn Japanese culture, etc. in Japan, while receiving support from Supporters Accepting Fourth-generation Japanese, thereby encouraging them to be a bridge between Japan and overseas Japanese communities.

The Association of Nikkei & Japanese Abroad (Kaigai Nikkeijin Kyokai) act as a mediater between a fourth-generation Japanese and a Supporter.

Please contact us or registar after confirming details about the Program for further acceptance of fourth-generation Japanese and Requirements to become supporters accepting fourth-generation Japanese on the website of the Ministry of justice.

Please make inquiries with the nearest regional immigration bureau or Foreign Residents Information Center if you want to check the details of this program.

●Inquiries concerning intermediation between a fourth-generation Japanese and a Supporter for accepting fourth-generation here

●Registration for a fourth-generation Japanese who want to be mediated with a Supporter here

●Registration for a person intending to be a Supporter for a fourth-generation Japanese here

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